Evgeny Aleksandrovich Shklovsky, Ph.D.
Senior editor, Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie. Russia, Moscow, ul.
Kostiakova, 129626, abonementnyi iashchik 55.
Tel. 976 47 88 (of.) 242-8567 (h.) Fax 976 48 62 E-mail evg@rinet.ru
1983 Ph.D. in Russian Literature. Dissertation thesis "The Category of Artistic Conflict in Literary-Critical Discussions of the 1970s (on the material of contemporary prose)".1980-1983 graduate student, Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, Department of literary and art criticism.
l972-l977 B. A. and M. A. Moscow State University, Faculty of Philology,Russian Department.
1995-Present. Senior editor , Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie (the journal and publishing house), Moscow 1991-95 Senior Editor, Kultura Publishing House, Moscow 1989-1991 Assistant Professor, the Department of Creative Writing (literaturnoe masterstvo), Gorky Literary Institute, Moscow 1983-89 Senior Editor and literary reviewer, the journal "Literaturnoe
obozrenie," Moscow 1978-1980 Senior Editor, Literaturnaia gazeta, Moscow PUBLICATIONS (selected)
1. Varlam Shalamov. Moscow, Znanie, 1991
2. Litsom k cheloveku: Prosa--1988. Moscow, Znanie, 1989.
3. Grani gumanizma: sotsial'no-nravstvennye problemy sovremennoi prozy. Moscow, Znanie, 1989
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1. Zalozhniki. Rasskazy. Moscow, Kul'tura 1996.
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Compiled and edited:
1. Entsiklopediia literaturnykh geroev. Moscow, 1997
2. Slovar' iunogo literaturoveda, Moscow, 1997
3. Isaak Babel'. Izbrannoe, Moscow, 1997 (also authored introduction andcommentaries).
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6. L'epreuve de la verite: Reflexions sur la perestroika (in French).
Mocow, Edition du Progres, 1990 (also authored introduction)
Two novels of the transitional time. Otkrytaia politika, 1997, No. 10.
Time and place. Novy mir, 1997, No. 6.
"A guide of the blind century..." On Boris Chichibabin. Oktiabr', 1997, No.
1. Faculatative notes . On the motifs of Vasiuly Rozanov's Apocalypse of
Our Times", Oktiabr', 1992, No. 10 (transl. into German, Sinn und
Form, 1993, May-June).
The Truth of Varlaam Shalamov. Druzhba narodov, 1991, No. 9.
What Makes Humans Alive: on Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "Cancer Building"
Literaturnoe obozrenie, 1990, No. 7.
"Is" and "Ought", Voprosy literatury, 1986, No. 10.
On the chain of Being: On Valentin Rasoutin's Woirks. Detskaia literatura,
1987, No. 8.
I and We: the Conception of Personality in Contemporary Prose. Literaturnoe
obozrenie, 1982, No. 10.
Forms of the characters' behavior in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov,
in the collection Problems of Style and Genre in Russian and Foreign
Literature, Moscow, 1979.
Numerous articles in Encyclopedia of Literary Characters (Dostoevsky,
Chekhov) (1997), The Dictionary of Young Literary Critic (1997), The
Dictionary of Russian Writers of the 19th century (1998), Russian Jewish
Encyclopedia (vol. 1-3, Moscow, 1996-97), Large Encyclopedic Dictionary,
2nd edition, 1997.
Overall list of published articles and essays includes 62 titles.
The Problem of Power in Varlam Shalamov. Shalamovskie chteniia (1997)
Postmodernism in Eastern European literatures, internatioal seminar,
Yugoslavia, 1987.
Russuan-French colloquium "Literary Pantheon", Institute of World
Literature, Moscow, October, 1997.
American-Russian conference "Contemporary Russian Culture"
Moscow, 1991.
The 30th National Convention of the AAASS
Boca Raton, Florida, 24-27 September 1998
1997- Present. Literary reviewer (obozrevatel') in the journasl Otkrytaia politika
1990-Present. Member of the Union of Writers (Moscow)
1989-Present. Member of the Union of Journalists (Moscow)
1995 Editor, Encyclopedia Britannica (Moscow)
1990-91 Literary reviewer , the newspaper Rossiia