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Free Lance International Press (FLIP) is an organization of freelance journalists 
based in Rome, Italy, created to look after the interests of freelancers.
As the world of work changes, regular, salaried journalists are becoming a minority. The expansion of freelance journalism has brought a lot of opportunities, but also risks of unfair treatment. Editors see the advantages of using freelancers who are efficient and do not need office space or health and pension payments. FLIP President Virgilio Violo explains, "What worries us most, especially when you consider the fascination this profession has for young people, is the lack of recognition of freelance journalist's professional rights. The mortifying low level of retribution and the total absence of health insurance and pension prospects frustrate aspiring journalists and destroy their potential capabilities". 

FLIP's aims are: 
1) to be a reference point for all freelance journalists, whether they work in print, photography, radio, television or another journalistic medium. 
2) to establish and guarantee the rights of independent journalists, promote respect for professional ethics and look after the interests of independent journalists. 
3) to promote iniziatives for improving journalists' professional skill. 
4) to create public awareness with regard to the problems associated with the different sectors of independent journalism. 
5) to create a meeting place for individuals and structures working in this sector, in Italy and abroad.
Subscription fee to the Free Lance International Press is 70 Euro. The member receives a Freelance International Press identification card, and the member's CV is inserted on the FLIP web-site.
Can be free lance journalists who work autonomously in the mass communications field 
(radio, television, newspapers, and web), and who are able to provide a verifiable and 
detailed curriculum of their professional background completed with working references.
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